From Iberia to the New Times
Cistermúsica 2021
July 25 to August 1, 2021
The new abnormal

New year, same life.

After the first impacts of the pandemic, much was said about the return of normality. The new-normal became a concept and the post-pandemic became an inescapable subject. The most optimistic believed that everything was going to change. The pessimists were convinced that everything would remain the same. Perhaps it is still too early to conclude with certainty, but it is most likely that neither one nor the other will get it right. We are left somewhere in the middle of the road. Not everything, nor nothing.

As far as Cistermúsica was concerned, it was the same. Not everything, nor nothing. The will to get a festival off the ground was maintained, while most of the long-standing restrictions remained in place. We maintained the distance, the audience and the artists while a new air was breathed. A lighter one, with less weight of the pandemic's effects. An air closer to a festival in times before the pandemic. Is this the new (ab)normal?

Watch a clip of the show

“"In the years 2020 and 2021, this "Festival in Pandemic Time" was nothing short of an epic expedition, in which we transcended ourselves. Not by chance, the last chapter of the Alcobaça Music Festival in 2021, on August 1 of that year, coincided precisely with the beginning of a new deconfinement regime, a foreshadowing of new times, pandemic out of the scene.""

Dulce Alves
Marketing and External Relations Coordinator of the Festival

"On that day, as we celebrated the crossings through seas never before blazed, with music from the time of Ferdinand Magellan, intoxicated by the voice of Quiteria Muñoz and the travelled sounds of the ancient music group Accademia del Piacere, we brought a cycle to a close and gained a new breath for new crossings… because after the storm always comes the bonanza.”

Dulce Alves
Marketing and External Relations Coordinator of the Festival