La Nave Va and Marcel Beekman
Baroque Orchestra
Alcobaça Monastery · Fence
August 8, 2020

Red can have many meanings. Sometimes it indicates passion, sometimes it is associated with power. On the one hand, scarlet the colour of blood, on the other, crimson the colour of desire and passion. The ruby of lust or the red of the heart. Here, in this gallery, it is like a spark that lights up the bravery of a Dutch tenor soloist accompanied by a Portuguese baroque ensemble. It is the element that binds together tonight's story of bravery.

Starting with the red of some artists' dresses (where it is impossible not to remember Lady in Red), through the warmth of the lights and the various reddish tones of some of the musicians' shirts, to the detail of the tie of the brave tenor, everything breathes energy.

A single colour, playing with the various shades and contrasts, transmits so much energy and motivates so many emotions. And in the journey of colour — better known as ff0000 to visual artists and graphic designers — so many stories are told.

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The concert "Arias of Bravery for Tenor" presented the listener with typical moments of the human condition, despair, the sense of tragedy, revenge and love being the central themes of this recital of vocal virtuosity and expressiveness. In an atmosphere of drama where, at times, death throbs or a fleeting glimmer of hope is savoured, the works were brought to life in the voice of the acclaimed Dutch tenor Marcel Beekman under the direction of António Carrilho.

Works by Vivaldi, Soler, Händel, Rameau, António de Almeida, Ferrandini and Mozart

“A lot of festivals have been cancelled. The fact that Cistermúsica has gone ahead is very special.”

Marcel Beekman
Solo singer in the show "Arias of Bravery for Tenor"

“The role of Cistermúsica has been fantastic. Music conquers all.”

António Carrilho
Musical director of the "La Nave Va" ensemble


“Congratulations on the success of this year's festival, in especially difficult conditions, and I hope we can meet again in 2021.”

Gustavo Sacadura Botte
Spectator of the Cistermúsica Festival