Sete Lágrimas
Early Music Ensemble
Alcobaça Monastery · D. Dinis Cloister
August 1, 2020
A dreamlike journey through the diaspora

What the Sete Lágrimas ensemble promised didn't seem easy to fulfil: a journey through the musical genres and forms of the five continents, evoking the presence and influence left by Portuguese voyages between the 16th and 20th centuries. All of this in sixty minutes. All in all, 12 minutes for each century. From Iberian vilancico to fado, from "black" vilancicos to the Brazilian "chorinho", passing through African mornas and the traditional songs of Timor, Macau, India and Brazil. The result is a journey of 400-odd years in one hour, with stops in various latitudes touched by the explorer influence of our ancestors.

It was also a journey through our collective trans-generational imaginary on a pleasant August first evening (as pleasant as possible in the micro-climate of Alcobaça). In the music of the "other" we saw ours and vice-versa. And we saw the the evolution of our culture through contact with others. And it was also a dreamlike walk through other soundscapes, supported by the extraordinary play of light, assisted by the almost mystical character of the edified heritage, as can be seen in Sara Leonardo's photographs.

Watch a clip of the show

The Diáspora project dives into the musical genres and forms of the five continents of yesterday and today, evoking the historical presence of the Portuguese throughout the world, risking new interpretative formulas of popular and erudite repertoires from the 16th to the 20th century, from the Iberian vilancico to fado, from the "black" vilancicos of the 16th/17th century to the Brazilian "chorinho", passing through the African "mornas" and the traditional songs of Timor, Macau, India, Brazil, etc.

With a career spanning over 20 years, the group Sete Lágrimas brings together musicians from different musical backgrounds and is dedicated to projects that foster dialogue between ancient and contemporary music, as well as between classical and secular traditions.

“I really enjoyed working with you, with all the safety measures! Thank you!”

Mário Franco
Double bass player with Sete Lágrimas ensemble